🏷 2018

2019, 500 yr. Leonardo Da Vinci

500tj anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death

Elixir script the shell

I’m using Elixir as a scripting language for the shell

A Rule Of Science

If it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong!

Command Line Pro Tip

Did you know that almost any shell uses the READLINE library? If using the command-line is part of your daily work you really should read Gnu Software Manual - Readline and get comfortable with it’s keys ;-)

Best Wrist-Protection for older iPads

I’m using an older iPad without the apple-pen but with a mechanical stylus (“JotPro”). My experience with wrist-protection software is that it either doesn’t work or slows down my iPad. Here is my solution … Handwritten Note

Datasource, my 2nd Hex-Package

After publishing Bucketier, a simple KV store for Elixir as a Hex-package about a month ago, today let me announce Datasource.

Elixir, Nerves, Phoenix on A Raspberry Pi

Elixir and Nerves is fun!

Elixir & Nerves Introduction

A nice and easy to understand Introduction to Elixir & Nerves on a RaspberryPi. Thanks to SteveGrossi I’ll have some fun today, playing with my Raspberry.

Erlang Open Source - Interview

Interview with Robert Virding and Joe Armstrong

Elixir Conf ® 2018

I just registered for the ElixirConf 2018®. See you there! Conf

CSS Variables

If you know me, you know I like to get rid of stuff, to keep things simple. And today I removed sass from my project. Thanks, Lea Verou for this brilliant talk.

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

One of the best talks about programming languages I’ve seen this year.

Javascript, 23 Years A Nightmare

Yesterday I found this on twitter. 23 years of Javascript

04 Dec, 1995. Published in The Sentinel of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Vim Pro Tip

Touchbar or not, use Ctrl+[ instead of esc

Live YouTube Streams And Music

So annoying…


Bucketier, My First hex.pm Contribution

Today, I wrote my first HEX-package and published it on “hex.pm”. It is an extract of my daily work and was part of an “Umbrella-App” initially.

CSS Secrets

Pretty cool talk by Lea Verou

Allen Holub about "Frameworks"

Goodbye Tower :-(

Tower changed their pricing model 😢

home office in da sun what could be a better

Home office in da sun, what could be a better place to work.

Make Your Integration Tests More Readable

Inspired by Kat Tornwall’s talk about integration tests with Elixir and Phoenix I did some clean up in my integration tests of my current Elixir project. Look how much more readable they are now.

Stop Writing Unused Code!

“Visual Studio is one of the single largest pieces of software in the world,” he (Chris Granger, a software developer who worked as a lead at Microsoft on Visual Studio) said. “It’s over 55 million lines of code. And one of the things that I found out in this study is more than 98 percent of it is completely irrelevant. All this work had been put into this thing, but it missed the fundamental problems that people faced.

meet me at mongodblocal munich get insight into

Meet Me At MongoDB.local Munich

DDD (with Elixir)

Pretty well done explanation of DDD

Why Elixir?

Why Elixir?

Programmers, Do Proper Craft!

Yesterday (2018-03-20) I attended a seminar on regulations in medical software. It gave me heebie-jeebies because it’s obvious that Uncle Bob’s fears seem to become true: law and government will tell us how to do our profession. And gosh, what they are telling us is to go back 10 years. We should not be that passionate programmer and we should swap the two sides of the Agile Manifesto again. The right side really matters much more for them ;-(

Your Avatar Matters!

Why the f* I have to spread “Why Your Avatar Matters” everytime I join a new environment ;-)

Work’n’Life - Meetups Linz

This week I did attend the kickoff meeting of Work'n'Life (like in Rock'n'Roll) at Factory 300 in Linz. The place (Tabakfabrik Linz) is gorgeous and the talks were impressive and very informative.

Regulatory Demands

We, as software developers, will face more and more regulatory demands. Business, government, laws will tell us how to do our work.

Linz kann's!

Linz kann’s!

thoughtworks new technology radar vol17 is

ThoughtWork’s new Technology Radar (Vol.17) is out. Always worth reading …

Elixir 1.5 Umbrella App With Phoenix And Elm

It took me some time to figure out how this combination works. Finally, it is rather easy.

Programming Elm # 5

Glen Vanderburg – Real Software Engineering

Thank you, Chad Fowler @chadfowler for pointing to Glenn Vanderburg’s @glv update of his wonderful talk “Real Software Engineering”. I was fascinated by one of the early versions I saw at Rails Conf 2011 in Baltimore.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

More and more people in our industrie figure out what Leonardo Da Vinci already knows hundrets of years ago: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”