🏷 2019

My YouTube Playlist

My YouYube Playlist

Phoenix LiveView and Internet Explorer

It is a pain and a shame that we still have to suffer from lousy browser implementation. But we do.

Exconfig ConfigLogger

Today I implemented the module “ConfigLogger” for Exconfig. Exconfig is a configuration cache for Elixir and can be used to read environment vars during runtime.

Elixir In Action

What Makes BEAM Such a Great Runtime

A Backup May Not Be Enough

First of all, I need to express my anger about the latest Apple developments. The story starts with a broken keyboard in a 2017 MacBook Pro. Apple will replace the keyboard without costs, but they will take it for two to four weeks. So, I found one of my old MacBooks (2011) will do an excellent job for this time. Only, there was MacOS Sierra, not even High Sierra installed. And with Sierra, I can’t run all of the application I use on my 2017 MacBook. Ok, I started to update to at least High Sierra which crashed in the middle of it because of a power outage. And then, and then, the Mac didn’t find any hard disks anymore.

Simple Environment

I’m a Un✪x shell and Vi[m] user since 1986 and after years, my environment settings become messy. I never have to clean up because I was the only one using it. … and it was so convenient.

Exconfig, A Configuration Cache For Elixir

Today, I wrote my fourth HEX-package and published it on “hex.pm”.

Best Workbench Ever

Selfmade Furniture For The Programming Kitchen

The Second Software Crises Just Began

Uncle Bob is praying this for years now. I don’t want to imagine the code quality in such kind of software. Made in huge enterprises where the processes will count much more than any kind of agility.

My Hex Packages

I have four little hex-packages out there at hexdocs.pm

favicon.ico and the cache

You’ve changed the favicon.ico for your website but browsers still show the old version?


… my 3rd HEX package for Elixir

Frameworks and Languages

Too many languages

2019, 500 yr. Leonardo Da Vinci

500tj anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death