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Too Many Rumours And Googlein’ About Agile

Metrics And The Agile Team

As a team leader, reporting to management, I’m not that happy with doin’ metrics ;-)



Product Management by Committee: A Recipe for Disaster

By Cliff Gilley of The Clever PM


Managing Manager-less Processes

GOTO 2017 • Managing Manager‐less Processes • Fred George


What “agile” really is about …

Rules - Break Them!

Oh yes, don’t follow a rule without modifying it to fit your needs. And when a rule doesn’t fit a given context at all - break it.

im now a certified scaled agilist

I’m now a certified “Scaled Agilist” http://scaledagileframework.com

/\ndy: The Failure of Agile

/\ndy: The Failure of Agile

I love long term progress … GWROWS