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A Backup May Not Be Enough

First of all, I need to express my anger about the latest Apple developments. The story starts with a broken keyboard in a 2017 MacBook Pro. Apple will replace the keyboard without costs, but they will take it for two to four weeks. So, I found one of my old MacBooks (2011) will do an excellent job for this time. Only, there was MacOS Sierra, not even High Sierra installed. And with Sierra, I can’t run all of the application I use on my 2017 MacBook. Ok, I started to update to at least High Sierra which crashed in the middle of it because of a power outage. And then, and then, the Mac didn’t find any hard disks anymore.

today i gave my old macbook to my daughter and she

Today I gave my old macBook to my daughter and she removed all my stickers. Anyhow, I hacked so much beautyful code thus the “Hacking Beautyful Code”-sticker, I got from José Valim, will resist :)

I'm so happy, my MacBook's HD crashed!

Now I’ve a 512GB SSD. That’s the pace I expect from my MacBook, wow!