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Ruby On The Command Line

ruby 2.2.5, OS X 10.11.6, json, SimpleCov, Mutant

Today when updating my ruby to 2.2.5 I faced some troubles with updating my bundle. The error was

ruby hash vs rubytree i had to figure out what

Ruby hash vs. RubyTree

How to deal with tests when you extract a HelperClass from already covered classes

Moving the test too or leave them where they are. I have concerns with both. See this post how I solved my dilemma.

Why Ruby?

I just found this quote on codinghorror …

YARB - Rails without ActiveRecord or any other ORM

YARB - Rails without ActiveRecord or any other ORM

It’s an experiment. In order to put the focus on your application and not on the framework or database you’re working with I want to implement a Rails starter app which doesn’t depend on a specific ORM.

Quick'n'dirty rake-task to find undefined locale-keys

Defining new strings in locale-files is something I always fail to do immediately. Especially when starting a new app. Here is a quick and dirty solution to find t(:.....) in all files of a rails-project …