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Elixir In Action

What Makes BEAM Such a Great Runtime

Elixir, Nerves, Phoenix on A Raspberry Pi

Elixir and Nerves is fun!

Elixir & Nerves Introduction

A nice and easy to understand Introduction to Elixir & Nerves on a RaspberryPi. Thanks to SteveGrossi I’ll have some fun today, playing with my Raspberry.

Erlang Open Source - Interview

Interview with Robert Virding and Joe Armstrong

CSS Variables

If you know me, you know I like to get rid of stuff, to keep things simple. And today I removed sass from my project. Thanks, Lea Verou for this brilliant talk.

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

One of the best talks about programming languages I’ve seen this year.

CSS Secrets

Pretty cool talk by Lea Verou

Glen Vanderburg – Real Software Engineering

Thank you, Chad Fowler @chadfowler for pointing to Glenn Vanderburg’s @glv update of his wonderful talk “Real Software Engineering”. I was fascinated by one of the early versions I saw at Rails Conf 2011 in Baltimore.

Kent Beck About Ease

Kent talking about ease

Agile Architecture

Uncle Bob Agile Architecture course from Ative on Vimeo.

What are the secrets to constructing a great agile architecture for your systems?
In his course on the topic, the globally know agile expert, Robert C Martin AKA “Uncle Bob” explains the contents of his course on this, and how it will benefit your team.

He teaches this course in Copenhagen: see the full description here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin/agile-architecture-and-design.aspx

See his other courses and schedule here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin.aspx

The Expert

Don’t ask me. I can do it.

Water Balloon vs Cactus

Water Balloon vs Spiny Cactus from edgertronic on Vimeo.

700 frames/sec high speed video of a water balloon popped by a cactus. Taken with an edgertronic™ high speed video camera, video is 23.33X slower than real time.

More info at edgertronic.com

can technology solve our big problems a ted

Can Technology Solve Our Big Problems?